Get Ripped: Week Two

Get Ripped: Week Two

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The second week went just as well as the first. I’ve settled into the routine well and the favoured breakfast seems to be two scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast accompanied by a glass of full cream milk (this isn’t the Atkins diet!).

Anyway, I felt good, less tired and I was finally getting used to the shorter, more intense gym sessions.

It was a good ache - the kind you get when you know you've worked hard so you can't complain too much...

The swimming has also been going well though I admit that having someone to go with does make things easier. It stops the ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude setting in.

We also started increasing the amount of swimming we were doing in the 30 minutes as we were getting fitter and could fit more lengths in.

All this ‘feeling good’ did have one drawback. After working in the morning, I’d planned to do the second gym session of the plan then swim (as usual) but also had five-a-side in the evening.

I thought nothing of it at the time. The gym and swim went well, football was great even though the heavens opened and I was surprised at how well I’d managed all the exercise.

The day after I was less surprised after nearly crumpling into an aching mess on my bedroom floor. I felt like lying in the foetal position for a few hours until my legs started working again!

But it was a good ache, the ache you get when you know you’ve worked hard so you can’t complain too much...

I did however use my ‘cheat day’ to full advantage in this week. I went for a gym and swim in the day, then in the evening a few friends came down and suffice to say the hangover I woke up to was much worse than any gym/swim aches.

So I took this as an exercise free day - still sticking to the diet though- and was straight back into the plan the following day.

I can happily swim 25m but I quite like the fact that after 25m, I can grab on to the side if I want.

Obviously you’ll see better results if you stay off alcohol all together but one day now and again won’t hurt. What does hurt is going to the local pub quiz and sitting there with a blackcurrant squash while the rest of the table gets ‘more than merry’.

Week two also presented the added difficulty of the differing pool size. Now, I can happily swim 25m, but I quite like the fact that after 25m I can grab onto the side.

It had been 12 days and other people were starting to see a big difference in my six pack - I was definitely eyed up by a blonde lifeguard!!!

When the pool is 50m and you’re in the middle lane there is very little to grab onto and I doubt the middle aged woman in the next lane would have appreciated me using her as a flotation device. Nevertheless, 50m lengths do require a higher level of fitness and seeing as it was only my seventh swimming session of the challenge I wasn’t too bad and it was good to have a bit more variety.

After 12 days, other people were starting to notice a big difference in my six pack (definitely eyed up by the blonde lifeguard!!!). The absence of starchy carbohydrates in the evening meant my body wasn’t storing fat overnight.

Sweet potatoes had by now become frequent fliers in my low carb tea time but a personal favourite of mine became turkey, peppers, onion and tomatoes fried in a sweet chilli sauce with broccoli.

The second week ended well. I’ve now done eight gym and swims and feel like I’ve got to the point where I can’t give up or it’d be a waste of two weeks! Roll on week three!


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