Synchro Assessor Training Courses

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Synchronised swimming assessors ensure skill assessments are fair and adhere to FINA and ASA regulations, assessing the performance of swimmers against the criteria for each national skill level as defined by the ASA Synchronised Swimming Management Group.

There are four levels of assessor as follows:

Synchro Skills Assessor progression

Basic assessors can assess skill levels 1 and 2, assessors can assess levels 1,2 and 3 and advanced assessors can assess levels 1 to 5.

The role of the senior assessor is to oversee the skill assessment days, ensuring assessments are carried out fairly, and the standards defined by the Synchronised Swimming Management Group are maintained.

Senior assessors must hold a national judge qualification as well as being an advanced assessor.

Synchro Officiating

Becoming A Synchro Assessor

There are synchro assessor courses taking place across the country each year.

The pre-requisites for examination for each of the assessor grades varies for each role.

All candidates must be ASA members aged 16 or over for the basic assessor and assessor courses, 17 or over for the advanced assessor training, and 18 or over to become a senior skills assessor.

Head to our dedicated Courses Calendar to search for an upcoming synchro assessor course near you.

Run A Training Course

While national courses for senior synchro assessors in England will be organised and run by the ASA Synchronised Swimming Management Group, courses for the roles of advanced assessor, assessor and basic assessor are organised at regional level in conjunction with the Management Group.

Synchro regional managers wishing to set up a training course will need to submit a Booking Form to secure their preferred date and publication of the course on the ASA calendar.

Anyone wishing to run a course in 2016 must submit their application by 30 November 2015.

They should also download the following documents:

  • Action Plan / Checklist – this outlines the process of running a synchro officials training course and what action to take afterwards. It also has some useful contacts.
  • Data Protection – all licensed officials should fill in this form upon completing their officials qualification.

The ASA has also produced application form templates for each training course.

These forms are intended to help the course organiser to publish the correct and up to date course details.


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