#NAGSynchro Factfile: Anna Welland

Anna Welland

We spotted a group of Reading Royals swimmers getting their hair done and they were kind enough to let us pull Anna Welland away for our first ‘Athlete Factfile’ of the 2014 NAG Synchro Champs!

Anna Welland

Reading Royals


How long have you been doing synchro for?
About four or five years

What made you take up the sport?
I really like swimming but I kept going underwater a lot in my swimming class, so after a while my mum asked me if I wanted to give synchro a go.

How many NAG synchro champs have you competed at?
This is my third one this year.

What do you like most about this competition?
Meeting loads of different people is great and getting to show our routines and how hard we have worked on them.

What do you like the least about it?
Probably the nerves and how stressful it can get before you swim. You practice for these moments so there’s a lot riding on it.

Who is your synchro role model and why?
My synchro role model is probably Katie Skelton because she isn’t very tall, like me, and in synchro it’s really difficult to be good if you are small because you have to work a lot harder to get higher out of the water on certain moves. Despite this, she made it to the Olympics and that really inspires me to keep going.

Good luck to Anna and the rest of the Reading Royals this weekend.


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