Girls' U16 Inter Regionals: Live Scoreboard

The Girls’ U16 Inter Regional Championships take place on 8 – 9 July 2017 for boys born in 2002 or later.

Division 1 will be held at Walsall Gala Baths while Division 2 will be at Liverpool Aquatics Centre.

Both competitions will be a round-robin format with the winners of Division 2 promoted to Division 1 for the 2002 and under U18 Championships.

The teams in Division 1 will battle for the Perpetual Challenge Trophy, won last year by Ireland after a 3-1 defeat of East Angels in the final.

Follow the action from this year’s event below. Note that during live action this page is automatically updated every 2 minutes. The results will display final scores only and tables updated accordingly.

Fixtures and Results

Division 1

Midlands4 – 14LondonFT
Wales9 – 13East AngelsFT
Midlands6 – 18North West ThunderFT
London14 – 2East AngelsFT
Wales5 – 19North West ThunderFT
Wales10 – 11LondonFT
North West Thunder16 – 9East AngelsFT
Midlands10 – 10WalesFT
North West Thunder15 – 13LondonFT
Midlands12 – 18East AngelsFT
Group Table
North West Thunder4400358
East Angels4202-94

Division 2

North West Lightning1 – 9IrelandFT
Scotland5 – 10North East SteelersFT
South East3 – 19South WestFT
Scotland5 – 3North West LightningFT
South East3 – 13IrelandFT
North East Steelers4 – 7South WestFT
Scotland3 – 13IrelandFT
North West Lightning0 – 7South WestFT
South East1 – 8North East SteelersFT
Scotland4 – 17South WestFT
South East3 – 2North West LightningFT
Ireland5 – 5North East SteelersFT
South East4 – 6ScotlandFT
North West Lightning1 – 8North East SteelersFT
Ireland3 – 4South WestFT
Group Table
South West55004010
North East5311167
South East5104-342
North West Lightning5005-250