Girls' U16 Inter Regionals: Live Scoreboard

The Swim England Inter Regional Girls’ U16 Championships take place this weekend.

The competition is being hosted by the South West region, taking place at Millfield School in Somerset.

Two groups of six teams will play a round-robin format on Saturday, before a playoff competition for placings on Sunday.

Follow the action from this year’s event below. The results will display final scores only and tables updated accordingly.

You will need to refresh this page to see the latest scores and league tables.

Group A

Fixtures & Results
North East Steelers11 – 1Scotland SaltiresFT
North West Lightning2 – 8London SharksFT
South West14 – 1South East SolentFT
North East Steelers14 – 1North West LightningFT
Scotland Saltires3 – 9South WestFT
South East Solent1 – 19London SharksFT
North West Lightning2 – 16South WestFT
North East Steelers3 – 1London SharksFT
Scotland Saltires9 – 3South East SolentFT
North East Steelers7 – 7South WestFT
Scotland Saltires3 – 6London SharksFT
South East Solent3 – 11North West LightningFT
Scotland Saltires5 – 3North West LightningFT
North East Steelers28 – 2South East SolentFT
London Sharks2 – 9South WestFT
League Table
North East Steelers5410519
South West5410409
London Sharks5302186
Scotland Saltires5203-114
North West Lightning5104-272
South East Solent5005-710

Group B

Fixtures & Results
West Midlands2 – 3North West ThunderFT
East Angels4 – 3East MidlandsFT
Ireland6 – 3South East AnderidaFT
West Midlands3 – 4East AngelsFT
North West Thunder2 – 8IrelandFT
South East Anderida8 – 0East MidlandsFT
East Angels3 – 14IrelandFT
West Midlands5 – 3East MidlandsFT
North West Thunder1 – 6South East AnderidaFT
West Midlands3 – 11IrelandFT
North West Thunder7 – 1East MidlandsFT
South East Anderida8 – 2East AngelsFT
North West Thunder8 – 7East AngelsFT
West Midlands2 – 8South East AnderidaFT
East Midlands1 – 12IrelandFT
League Table
South East Anderida5401228
North West Thunder5302-36
East Angels5203-164
West Midlands5104-142
East Midlands5005-280


9-12 Playoffs
North West Lightning5 – 6East MidsFT
West Mids10 – 4South East SolentFT
London Sharks5 – 7East AngelsFT
North West Thunder6 – 4Scotland SaltiresFT
Semi Finals
North East Steelers7 – 8South East AnderidaFT
Ireland 13 – 5South WestFT
11-12 Playoff Pitch B
North West Lightning10 – 3South East Solent...;/;//.;'/
9-10 Playoff Pitch A
East Midlands4 – 1West MidlandsFT
7-8 Playoff Pitch B
London Sharks6 – 2ScotlandFT
5-6 Playoff Pitch A
East Angels8 – 6North West ThunderFT
Bronze Match
North East Steelers8 – 10South WestFT
South East Anderida9 – 8Ireland FT