U14 Inter Regionals: Live Scoreboard

The Boys’ U14 Inter Regional Championships take place on 9 – 10 December 2017.

The competition will be hosted by the West Midlands region and held at Walsall Gala Baths.

The group stages will take place on Saturday 9 December, as well as two matches on Sunday 10 December. The knockout stages will then follow later on Sunday.

North West Tigers will be aiming to defend their title in the boys’ event and are top seeds in Group A.

The Tigers have won two of the three stagings of the U14 Championships, claiming the inaugural title in 2014 before reclaiming the crown last time out.

North East Steelers, who won gold in 2015 before losing out in the final in 2016, are seeded second and go in Group B.

Follow the action from this year’s event below. Note that during live action this page is automatically updated every 2 minutes. The results will display final scores only and tables updated accordingly.

Playoff Stage Results

9 - 10 Playoff
East Midlands14 – 3North West RavensFT
Semi Finals
London6 – 8West MidlandsFT
North East Steelers6 – 4North West TigersFT
7-8 Playoff
EastCANCScotland FT
5-6 Playoff
South West12 – 4South EastFT
3-4 Playoff
London6 – 8North West TigersFT
West Midlands5 – 1North East SteelersFT

Group Stage Results

Group A
London4 – 5South WestFT
North West Tigers9 – 2East MidlandsFT
London8 – 2EastFT
South West6 – 1East MidlandsFT
East4 – 9North West TigersFT
East Midlands5 – 9EastFT
North West Tigers8 – 6South WestFT
London8 – 4North West TigersFT
East2 – 8South WestFT
East Midlands4 – 9LondonFT
Group B
North West Ravens3 – 8West MidlandsFT
North East Steelers3 – 2ScotlandFT
West Midlands7 – 1ScotlandFT
North West Ravens2 – 9South EastFT
Scotland10 – 8North West RavensFT
South East4 – 4North East SteelersFT
North East Steelers5 – 2West MidlandsFT
Scotland2 – 12South EastFT
South East3 – 4West MidlandsFT
North West Ravens2 – 10North East SteelersFT

Group Tables

Group A
North West Tigers4301106
South West4301106
East Midlands4004-210
Group B
North East Steelers4310127
West Midlands430196
South East4211165
North West Ravens4004-220