Water Polo Suspensions & Sanctions Updates

ASA England Water Polo suspensions

For all water polo matches played under the jurisdiction of the ASA, serious cases of misconduct may be referred by officials to the ASA for sanctions to be determined by a tribunal.

Any outstanding suspensions determined in this way are displayed below. For a list of British Swimming water polo suspensions, click here.

Current Suspensions

Mr Ian Halstead

Club: Bury Water Polo Club

Suspension start: 21/11/2011

Suspension end: 22/11/2016

Details: Mr Halstead is suspended from membership of the Amateur Swimming Association for a period of five years, and is banned from all water polo matches in any capacity held under the auspices of the ASA during the period of this suspension.

Sanctions Updates

Clubs are asked to note that new automatic minimum sanctions for misbehaviour will apply from 1 September 2015. Click here to download the new sanctions document.


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