City of Liverpool unbeaten in Girls’ U19 Qualifiers 2016

Action from the Girls’ U19 Qualifiers 2016.

The Girls’ U19 qualifiers 2016 in the National Age Group Water Polo Championships took place over the weekend in Watford, with four teams making it through to the finals in just under two weeks.

City of Liverpool proved too much for the competition as they breezed through their matches unbeaten, clearly a top contender for the championship title.

Their first match was a relatively easy victory over Exeter, achieving a 10-4 win at the final whistle. Exeter seemed to be holding the line in the first two quarters, sitting just two goals behind by half time.

A flurry of goals in the third quarter gave Liverpool the advantage they needed to take the valuable first match win.

Their second match was much closer contested, against last year’s champions, City of Manchester. Despite taking an early lead at the end of the first quarter, Manchester just couldn’t seem to hold the momentum. Liverpool claimed a crucial victory, decided only in the final quarter. The match ended 8-6, although this was the only loss for the City of Manchester side.

While they came unstuck in their battle against Liverpool, they were not deterred in the slightest. The Manchester girls bounced back in a no contest win against Mid Sussex Marlins with a 21 goal lead, ending the match 27-6.

London Otter went two for two, beating both Exeter and Mid Sussex Marlins, and the Marlins also claimed a victory against the Exeter side in an intense bout which ended 17-14.

While the two northern sides definitely showed they were in it to win, both Otter and Mid Sussex will join them in the finals on the 23-24 of April in Manchester.

The U19 Boys’ Qualifier also took place in Lancaster, you can find out how they got on here.

Girls’ U19 Qualifiers 2016


U19 Girls Qualification Round
Otter 13 – 15 City of Manchester FT
City of Liverpool 10 – 4 Exeter FT
Mid Sussex Marlins 10 – 22 Otter FT
City of Manchester 6 – 8 City of Liverpool FT
Exeter 14 – 17 Mid Sussex Marlins FT
Otter 7 – 10 City of Liverpool FT
Mid Sussex Marlins 6 – 27 City of Manchester FT
Otter 17 – 9 Exeter FT
Mid Sussex Marlins 6 – 11 City of Liverpool FT
City of Manchester 15 – 11 Exeter FT

U19 Girls Qualification Round

Team P W D L GD Pts
City of Liverpool 4 4 0 0 16 8
City of Manchester 4 3 0 1 25 6
Otter 4 2 0 2 15 4
Mid Sussex Marlins 4 1 0 3 -35 2
Exeter 4 0 0 4 -21 0


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