Information for competitors

Information for competitors in the NAG Water Polo Champs

Below you can find all documents and information for competitors, coaches or team managers involved with the ASA National Age Group Water Polo U15 Championships 2016.

All entries for the 2016 ASA National Age Group Water Polo Championships have now closed.

Entries opened on Saturday 3 September 2016 and closed on 23 September 2016.

The Additional Player Entry Window was between 24 September and 7 October.

Key Documents

  • Click here to download the Entry Pack – this contains all entry information and dates as well as spectator information and full conditions for the event.
  • Click here to download the Confirmation Pack – this contains useful information for players and teams competing in Manchester.
  • Click here to check all entered teams.

If you have a question about team entries, please contact

Coach Passes

All coaches wishing to be poolside for the Championships must have a valid coach pass. The closing date for applying for a new pass was 12 Noon on Friday 7 October.

If you successfully applied for an ASA Annual Water Polo Coach Pass earlier in the year, this will be accepted at this event.

If you do not have a pass and wish to be poolside for the Championships, please contact as soon as possible.


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