Liverpool unbeaten in Girls’ U17 Water Polo Plate

U17 Water Polo plate

The boys’ and girls’ U17 water polo plate competition took place at the Manchester Aquatics Centre, offering some intense competition for spectators at the National Age Group Championships.

Girls’ U17 Water Polo Plate

City of Liverpool girls showed they were a cut above the competition today as they waltzed their way through to the finals and were crowned U17 plate champions for 2016.

The girls’ plate competition was made up of two groups playing a round robin competition, then the top teams from each group playing in the finals.

Liverpool were unbeaten in Group A going into the finals, taking down Caledonia 6-1 and Cheltenham 13-1 in two pretty decisive matches. In Group B, Welsh Wanderers almost mirrored these performances, beating Tyldesley 15-4 in their first game, and then Otter Futura 9-4 in their second.

When the two teams came together for the final, City of Liverpool piled on the pressure and put goal after goal past the Welsh side, the final score 10-4 to Liverpool.

In the bronze medal playoff, it was Caledonia who took the match for the medal, and Tyldesley who claimed fourth place.

Boys’ U17 Water Polo Plate

The boys competition was hotly contested, though due to two withdrawals, City of Manchester B and Ealing went through to the semi-finals by default.

Beckenham beat Crawley 7-1 in their qualifying game, and Newton Abbot beat Cheltenham 5-1 in theirs. Beckenham went on to play City of Manchester B in the semi-final, and although the match was a fight to the end, the Manchester side were knocked out, losing to Beckenham 6-3.

Ealing beat Newton Abbot in the second semi-final fixture 11-5 and went into the final to face unbeaten Beckenham.

The final was tense from start to finish, but the eventual winners were Ealing who managed to edge in two extra goals, finishing on 9-7 for the plate.


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