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Lumie’s special Christmas offer

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For a limited time, Lumie is offering British Swimming affiliates 20 per cent off the recommended retail price of its most popular light therapy products so that you can treat your loved ones to something other than the traditional Christmas jumper.

British Swimming Christmas Prices
How can Lumie lights help me?
How do Lumie Bodyclock wake up lights work?
Feedback from British Swimming athletes
What the experts say

British Swimming Christmas Prices

Recognising the impact light has on a person’s life, Lumie, Europe’s market leader in light therapy and official supplier to British Swimming, is providing you the opportunity to purchase its most popular products with a special Christmas discount of 20% OFF the normal recommended retail price.

Make the most of this great offer by calling the Lumie Careline today on 01954 780 500 and don’t forget to quote ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS BRITISH SWIMMING’ to receive the discounted prices.


Promotion valid until 23 December 2010.

How can Lumie lights help me?

As birds migrate to brighter, warmer climates for winter so do many professional athletes. Due to work, family and financial commitments however, not everyone is fortunate enough to get away for an entire winter season and instead, are faced with months of waking up to cold, dark and wet mornings.

Because light levels outside are naturally low in Winter, waking to train before work or school can feel a bit of a slog as we drag ourselves away from the warmth of our cosy duvets.

This change in mood is actually associated with the winter condition, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and is caused when our circadian rhythm (or internal body clock) receives insufficient light cues and falls out of synch with our daily lives. As a result, people are left feeling tired, lacking in energy and unable to perform to their best.

As used by the British Swimming team, Lumie Bodyclock wake up lights reset your body’s circadian rhythm by waking you up naturally to light. This process not only helps you feel more invigorated, refreshed and ready for training in the morning but waking up to light every day will also help your body feel ready for sleep at night.

How do Lumie Bodyclock wake up lights work?

Bodyclock dawn simulators are alarm clocks that wake you with a sunrise, naturally re-setting your sleep/wake cycle to help you feel refreshed, alert and energised all day. The brightening light is a natural cue for your body to reduce the production of sleep hormones (e.g. melatonin) and gradually increase the levels of those that help you get up and go (e.g. cortisol).

Waking with light every day will help to keep your sleep/wake cycle on track and has been shown to boost your mood, productivity and energy levels for the rest of the day.

Simply set the time you need to be awake and dependent on your Lumie Bodyclock model, chose your sunrise length. The light inside your Lumie Bodyclock will then gradually start to brighten over your chosen sunrise length to provide you your own personal sunrise. By your desired wake up time, the light will be at its full brightness and you will have woken up naturally and gently - the way nature intended.

For the deep sleepers amongst us who might need extra reassurance about being woken up by a light, all Bodyclock wake up lights can be set with a back-up alarm and some models (Bodyclock Active and Bodyclock Elite) can play the radio or soothing sounds such as bird song, waves and rain.

Learn more about Lumie's light therapy products at their YouTube page.


Feedback from British Swimming athletes

Following a recent questionnaire that was issued to athletes on the national swimming team who used a Lumie Bodyclock wake up light, results revealed:

• 97 per cent of athletes using a Lumie Bodyclock said they would recommend light therapy to others
• 94 per cent of athletes using a Lumie Bodyclock advised they will continue to use it
• 72 per cent of athletes using a Lumie Bodyclock said it had a positive effect on getting / waking up for training or competition
• When asked if using a Lumie Bodyclock had a positive effect on getting / waking up for training or competition, 72 per cent of British Team answered ‘quite a lot’, or ‘a huge difference and wouldn’t be without it’

Seven-time Commonwealth medallist Simon Burnett said:

Using a Lumie Bodyclock makes getting up more effortless and less of a shock. In addition, the ability to eliminate background noise is invaluable! Waking up to light is much more relaxing and therefore a less stressful way to wake up.

Four-time European junior champion Anne Bochmann said:

My morning training sessions mean I wake up at 4.00am and go to bed between 22.00pm to 23.00pm. I have found that using a Lumie Bodyclock has been really useful for getting up for morning training, it makes me more awake and alert and then I train better and race better.

What the experts say

Andrew Logan – Sports Science Manager at British Swimming

“In Olympic sports like swimming, we are constantly looking for innovative ways that can help make the difference between taking home a medal or missing out altogether.

“As the science of sport becomes more important in improving performance, published research into light therapy has shown how it can contribute to helping enhance the team’s biological rhythms naturally, so they start every day in the best possible way.

“Just as we consider the right food types to fuel our athlete’s, why not consider natural applications like light therapy? If we look at the overall bigger picture, all of these little differences could work together and benefit the swimmers, providing them with competitive edge that could earn them a gold medal.”

Joe Beer – endurance and triathlon coach,

"As an endurance coach I have always been interested in how light affects performance. Winter happens every year and low light affects many at a subclinical level, reducing energy levels and physical performance capacity.

“The reason why you feel more energetic in the summer months is based on higher levels of light quality and the longer day length. Therefore, I recommend athletes use a light box during winter indoor morning bike or run treadmill sessions (typically October to February) and or use it at their desk during the earlier hours of work

“We know from research it does give the brain a "sunny day" fix for 30 to 90 minutes, fending off the winter SAD effect. Ideally, yes, we would all go to sunny climes from October, but that's not realistic, however using a light box is open to all athletes. Compared to many gadgets athletes waste their money on, a light box is a proven tool to help your winter consistency, fitness level and daily mood".



Prices quoted in this offer include free delivery within the UK

Last date to order for Christmas is 23 December 2010

Prices and products are subject to availability and Lumie reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this promotion at any stage

This promotion is only available to people affiliated with British Swimming and people must quote ‘Happy Christmas British Swimming’ to receive the discounted prices.

Discounted prices are only available to customers who order by calling up the Lumie Careline on 01954 780 500 (i.e. discounts will NOT be provided on orders taken via the website or through stockists of Lumie products).

This promotion is valid until 23 December 2010

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