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Cassie Patten: Out in the Open

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in British swimming and I’m thrilled to be a part of it, especially as my own discipline, in open water, is growing rapidly in popularity, more of which later.

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Top athletes take time out to help stars of the future reach Olympic Gold

25 Jan 2010

Four of Britain’s top aquatic athletes are taking time out of their hectic training schedules to help mentor the Olympic stars of the future. Cassie Patten, Nick Robinson-Baker, Olivia Allison and Sam Hynd, collectively known as Team Kellogg’s, will mentor a group of young people from across the UK as they aim to emulate their heroes and reach the podium at future world sporting events.

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Swimming Helps Kellogg’s Achieve a Top 5 Brand Trust Position

26 Nov 2009

Kellogg’s association with the ASA and swimming has helped them to become the fourth most trusted family brand in the UK.

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Kellogg’s Wins Community Partnership Award for Work in Swimming

02 Nov 2009

Kellogg’s has been recognised for making a significantly positive impact on the community thanks to its partnership with the ASA.

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