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Get 20% off Speedos with British Gas Swimfit

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Choosing swimwear is never a quick task but it can be made easier and cheaper. Well, now it has. The ASA and British Swimming have teamed up with official partner Speedo to offer British Gas Swimfit members a 20% discount on all Speedo swimwear. Read on to learn how to look cool by the pool for less.

Ensuring we look good in the pool is important. The right costume or shorts can make all the difference. Well, don't panic. Not only can British Gas Swimfit help you reach your goals in the pool, it can help you choose the swimwear to bring the best out in you.

And thanks to Speedo we can also make sure you get it 20% cheaper.

Ladies, if you have a high torso did you know you know that high-cut legs can shorten the torso and lengthen the legs? Gents, did you know that wearing a solid colour will help flatten that belly? It is all true. For more great advice on choosing swimwear click here. So let's talk discounts.

The ASA and British Swimming has teamed up with official partner Speedo to ensure all British Gas Swimfit members get a 20% discount on Speedo swimwear. And let's face it, they have some great gear.

Sign up to British Gas Swimfit now to access your exclusive code then click the Speedo shop image above to browse the Speedo shop. Simply type in your code when prompted and you will receive a 20% discount. It couldn't be easier. Happy shopping and get ready to look cool in the pool.

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