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Level X Artistic Swimming 2021

Level X Artistic Swimming 2021 is designed to take place within a club training environment and is open to all Swim England clubs and Category 2 swimmers.

Level X Artistic Swimming is defined by four monthly phases and is structured in line with the Artistic Swimming Grading system, where there are six Grade levels, with swimmers competing in a Mixed gender category within the specific individual ages.

Swim England will publish leaderboards at designated times to celebrate swimmers’ success and achievements.

For more information, including the Entry Pack, please see the resource toolkit here.

Phases and Results

Phase 117 May – 13 JunePhase 1 Results
Phase 214 June – 11 JulyPhase 2 Results
Phase 312 July – 8 AugustPhase 3 Results
Phase 49 August – 29 AugustPhase 4 Results

Submitting Results

During each Phase, clubs can submit and update participating swimmers’ results at any point during that period up until the end date of the Phase.