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Andrea doubles up to land Virtual National Age Group Championships titles

Seymour ASC’s Andrea Eliasson was a double winner in the Swim England Artistic Swimming Virtual National Age Group Championships 2021 12 & under category.

Eliasson triumphed in the solo category and then teamed up with Georgina Steele to celebrate victory in the duet competition.

In the solo event, her score of 61.1000 was 2.5000 ahead of City of Salford’s Lena Ramanah-Beck, with Stockport Metro’s Floella Dixon third with a total of 56.6000.

Eliasson said: “I’m excited to have won it.”

Her second gold in the duet was a closer contest but Eliasson’s and Steele’s score of 55.1667 saw them edge out the Rugby SC duo of Olivia Barry and Chloe Bartholomew by 0.9334 points.

Third place went to Aqualina’s Evelyn Isherwood and Shameiah Nanton who scored 51.1667.

Steele said: “It was really good.

“I think it was Andrea’s mum who chose the music but it was a lot of fun to swim to.”

Rushmoor in pole position

In the team event, Rushmoor’s Isabelle Calvert, Eva Fitzgerald, Cerys Snelling and Pippa Welch took pole position with a score of 52.4667 for their cars-themed routine.

Rugby SC’s team of Olivia Barry, Chloe Bartholomew, Saranne Black, Lola Huett, Jemma King, Agata Scerbakova and Kitty Tyers were runners-up with a score of 52.3333 – while Isabelle Broomhall, Kali-Mae Fletcher, Molly Lunn and Ella-Rose Price, from Walsall SC, took the bronze medal with 45.9333 points.

Welch said: “It’s nice to know we have competed in a competition and won considering the year we have had.

“The theme was cars which was our coach’s idea. I think the music was from a movie and we tried to incorporate the theme of cars into our routine and it was quite fun to do.”

Fitzgerald added: “I was quite nervous to get back into the pool because I felt like I would forget everything but then I realised how much I enjoyed the sport and I really wanted to push myself to try and do my best.

“Most of us are stying in the group. Isabelle is taking a bit of a break but we hope she comes back so we can be a team again.”

Mixed duet aim to inspire others

Meanwhile the victorious mixed duet hope their performance will inspire more boys to take up artistic swimming.

Rugby SC’s Kitty Tyers and Aaron Lee scored a total of 41.4667 for their performance.

Lee said: “It feels really good – very happy to have won and what we have achieved.

“My sister used to do artistic swimming I used to always come and watch her. I wanted to try it out and I started to like it.”

Lee had a simple message to other boys wondering whether to give artistic swimming a try.

“Yes, do not worry about it,” he said. “It’s good fun.”

It was view shared by Tyers who added: “it’s something different to do.

“Not everyone does it and it’s actually really fun.”

Full Results

Solo: 12 & Under

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Andrea EliassonSeymour ASC/td>61.1000
2Lena Ramanah-BeckCity of Salford58.6000
3Floella DixonStockport Metro56.6000
4Summer Paterson-NeildReading Royals ASC55.7000
5Olivia BarryRugby SC55.1000
6Madeleine FishCity of Leeds ASC54.9333
7Cerys SnellingRushmoor ASC54.4000
8Lola HuettRugby SC53.3667
9Chloe BartholomewRugby SC53.1333
10Evelyn IsherwoodAqualina52.5000
11Molly DoolinBramcote SC51.2667
12Molly LunnWalsall ASC50.8667

Download the full 12 & Under Solo results (PDF)

Solo: 13 - 15

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Cara ZeidlerReading Royals ASC66.3000
2Lily HalasiReading Royals ASC66.2000
3Florence BlinkhornReading Royals ASC65.8333
4Robyn AshworthCity of Bristol65.3000
5Georgia BakerWalsall ASC65.0333
6Holly HughesAquavision63.1667
7Jessica HinxmanAquavision63.0000
8Eve YoungBramcote SC62.3333
9Sophie RowneyDenton ASC60.4000
10Magdalena TownsendCity of Birmingham59.3000
11Gabriella JacksonCity of Salford ASC59.2000
12Kiarra JanikovaAqualina58.8667
13Emily TaylorCity of Birmingham58.7417
14Josephine MozleyRugby SC58.6000
15Eva LawrenceCity of Salford ASC58.3000
16Aisling KhanAquavision57.2000
17Louise MacDonaghCity of Birmingham56.9667
18Isabella BoyleCity of Salford ASC56.6333
19Lana DarcyRushmoor ASC55.9333
20Alexandra TomusyakRushmoor ASC55.6000
21Anna McGregorNairn Synchro55.5333
22Poppy WilliamsRugby SC54.7333
23Francesca RiceRushmoor ASC53.9667
24Heather MannAqualina53.6333
25Alice FosterStockport Metro53.6333
26Annie LuStockport Metro52.4000
27Iris RowlandAqualina51.0333
28Elsa WhitworthTaunton and Deane49.5000

Download the full 13 - 15 Solo results (PDF)

Duet: 12 & Under

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Andrea Eliasson / Georgina SteeleSeymour ASC55.1667
2Olivia Barry / Chloe BartholomewRugby SC54.2333
3Evelyn Isherwood / Shameiah NantonAqualina51.1667
4Cerys Snelling / Isabelle CalvertRushmoor ASC49.9333

Download the full 12 & Under Duet results (PDF)

Duet: 13 - 15

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Lily Halasi / Florence BlinkhornReading Royals ASC69.3000
2Fransceca Pringle / Eva NarewskaReading Royals ASC63.1333
3Elena Smith-Fernandez/ Sofia DakovicReading Royals ASC62.8000
4Lola Dudkowsky / Olivia TyersRugby SC61.6333
5Louise MacDonagh / Magdalena TownsendCity of Birmingham59.6667
6Emily Dossett / Lauren McgroartyCity of Leeds ASC58.1667
7Eve Young / Heather MooreBramcote SC57.4667
8Aisling Khan / Ola CzarnowskaAquavision56.6667
9Trinity Townsend / Isla ShinerCity of Birmingham56.4000
10Alyssa Anderson / Amelie Knight-MarkiegiCity of Birmingham54.4000
11Sofia Becerra-Mugica / Bethany RobinsonGateshead ASC54.0333
12Elizabeth Elliot / Rhianna Selby-NashBramcote SC52.6667

Download the full 13 - 15 Duet results (PDF)

Mixed Duet: 12 & Under

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Kitty Tyers / Aaron LeeRugby SC41.4667

Download the full 12 & Under Mixed Duet results (PDF)

Mixed Duet: 13 - 15

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Kiarra Janikova / Maxwell SewellAqualina55.0000

Download the full 13 - 15 Mixed Duet results (PDF)

Team: 12 & Under

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Cerys Snelling
Eva Fitzgerald
Isabelle Calvert
Pippa Welch
Rushmoor ASC52.4667
2Olivia Barry
Chloe Bartholomew
Kitty Tyers
Saranne Black
Agata Scerbakova
Jemma King
Lola Huett
Rugby SC52.3333
3Ella-Rose Price
Kali-Mae Fletcher
Isabelle Broomhall
Molly Lunn
Walsall ASC45.9333

Download the full 12 & Under Team results (PDF)

Team: 13 - 15

RankNameClubOverall Score
1Cara Zeidler
Elena Smith-Fernandez
Eva Narewska
Florence Blinkhorn
Lily Halasi
Sofia Dakovic
Francesca Pringle
Beatrice Asker
Reading Royals ASC 164.5333
2Alisa Fox
Emilia Hughes
Eva Lawrence
Francesca-Lily Derbyshire
Gabriella Jackson
Isabella Boyle
Lotti Horsman
Sophie Fleming
City of Salford61.3000
3Aisling Khan
Anabelle Sangiorgio
Constantina Tetteh
Holly Hughes
Jessica Hinxman
Ola Czarnowska
Olivija Urbonaite
Rose Gormanly
4Lola Dudkowsky
Olivia Tyers
Josephine Mozley
Poppy Williams
Matilda John
India Townsend
Rugby SC58.5000
5Casey Clews
Elizabeth Woodward
Eva Lunn
Georgia Baker
Isobel Miles
Jesika-Lily Fletcher
Molly Isherwood
Summer Westwood
Walsall ASC57.4000
6Amy Wilson
Eloise Hackett
Elizabeth Cox
Diya Kaushik
Louisa Horlock
Naomi Morgan
Anneliese Guillory
Reading Royals ASC 256.4000
7Anna Whitaker
Ava Proctor
Emily Dossett
Isla Puttick
Lauren McGroarty
Lucy Whitaker
Zara Newton
City of Leeds55.3667
8Aiko Martin
Alexandra Tomusyak
Connie Pendleton
Francesca Rice
Lana Darcy
9Elizabeth Elliott
Eve Young
Heather Moore
Rhianna Selby-Nash
Bramcote SC53.9667
10Erin Hodgson
Gabriela Anderson
Olivia Chalkley
Kiarra Janikova
Sophie Smith
Maxwell Sewell
11Alice Foster
Annie Lu
Lily Crawford
Siena Oxby
Stockport Metro47.7667

Download the full 13 - 15 Team results (PDF)

Shacklock Trophy

RankNameSolo ScoreDuet ScoreTeam ScoreTotal Score
1Lily Halasi66.200069.300064.5333200.0333
2Florence Blinkhorn65.833369.300064.5333199.6666
3Eve Young62.333357.466753.9667173.7667