Swim England Workforce Support Services

Female swimming teacher with young swimmer. About Swim England Workforce Support Services.

Swim England Workforce Support Services is a Swim England department that has four key responsibility areas:

  • Educator Licensing
  • New Educator Training
  • Educator Development
  • Coaching Certificates

All three areas support tutors, assessors and presenters which encompass the Educator Workforce in aquatics. We support the people who train the teachers and coaches.

The team supports all licensed educators and works toward continually improving the quality of Swim England qualification and CPD delivery.

The Swim England Workforce Support Services team works closely with all relevant departments across the organisation to provide an efficient and responsive service for all educators.

Swim England Workforce Support Services Core Values

  • Develop
  • Support
  • Challenge
  • Innovate

Meet the Team

Find out what each of the Workforce Support Services team do below.

Sarah Green – Workforce Support Manager

Sara Green, ASA Workforce Support ManagerSarah has worked for the Swim England Workforce Support Services since October 2013, and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the team’s work. Having undertaken an extensive review of previous workforce support provision, Sarah is taking the strategic lead in the new and current Tutor Training programme as well as overseeing the growing support and development opportunities available for the existing Educator Workforce.

As an existing tutor and ex-Head of Sport in a large FE Institution, Sarah brings a wealth of educational know-how and experience to the role.

Ian Wood – Acting Workforce Support Manager

Ian Wood – Senior ASA Workforce Support OfficerIan is involved in all aspects of the team’s work, but takes taking the lead role in the tutor training programme.

With extensive experience in swimming, education and sport development in general, Ian hopes his enthusiasm and expertise will play a key role in providing bespoke development programmes for all involved in delivering education and training

Adam Goymer – Workforce Support Officer

Adam Goymer - Workforce Support OfficerAdam joined the Swim ENgland Workforce Support team in August 2016, having worked previously as a swim school manager and a tutor and assessor.

He has worked for leisure industries, council leisure centres, private health clubs and swim schools for more than 10 years.

His responsibilities encompass all aspects of the team’s work, but he takes the lead role in supporting the development needs of the existing educator workforce.

Jill Catherall – Workforce Support Administrator

Jill Catherall – Workforce Support AdministratorJill started working for Swim England in 2009, initially in the ASA Awarding Body and more latterly with the Workforce Support team.

Jill’s primary role is to ensure that the Educator workforce are licensed to deliver and assess Swim England qualifications – but is instrumental in ensuring all administrative elements of the team’s work are functioning as they should.

A key member of the team, Jill is often the first point of contact for Educator queries, comments and suggestions!

Fiona Flynn – Workforce Support Officer

Fiona Flynn Workforce Support OfficerFiona joined the Swim England Workforce Support team in July 2016.

Fiona has previously worked as a PE Coordinator and teacher in schools for 12 years whilst swim teaching. Fiona’s primary role within the team is Tutor Training.


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