Feedback received at 2016 Conference

Image of children learning to swim.

The ASA Educator and Approved Centre Conference 2016 took place on 1 – 2 December at Burleigh Court, Loughborough University.

We received some useful feedback and responses which are outlined below.


Ninety per cent of Educators and Key Contacts rated the workshops as outstanding to good. Comments about the workshops included:

  • “Informative and made me think about my practices”
  • “Lots of enthusiasm and interesting comments”
  • “Very engaging and interactive”

Pre-Conference Administration

Ninety-six per cent of you rated the pre-conference administration as outstanding to good which makes a four per cent rise from last year.

We do recognise that there are always improvements to be made which we will endeavour to meet for next year’s Conference.

Some of the feedback is outlined below:

  • “I really enjoyed the conference. It was my first time attending and I gained a lot of information from the workshops.”
  • “The motivation workshop and the deaf-friendly workshops were brilliant – just nowhere near long enough! They really got my creative juices flowing and it would’ve been nice to have made more of the time allocated!”
  • “The ASA Educator’s conference was a great success, good networking, giving time for the changeover regarding the workshops, excellent choice of speakers, and the three workshops I attended were interesting.”
  • “It was good meeting some newly qualified tutors and a couple of the new trainee tutors. It’s always great to chat to all the old tutors also, and you at the workforce team, greeted with a smile, and chatting about the old times.”

Responses to questions

During the Conference you had the opportunity to ask any questions and leave them with us to provide you with an answer on a later date.

Please see the below questions and answers:

Q: Why are the TOPs for swimming activity cards not available as an ASA Framework resource and only for NCTP?

The NC activity cards are a resource that has been developed to support school staff deliver school swimming and water safety. The information on each card is linked to the National Curriculum Physical Education outcomes which is discussed on the NCTP. Therefore, this is a supporting resource for all school staff that attend the courses to go out and deliver the fun activities and meet all the PE outcomes and not the ASA LTSF.

Q: What is happening with coaching courses? Are non-IoS tutors going to be approached about delivery or are we now surplus to requirements?

ASA coaching certificates will now be delivered via the IoS only. If you wish to deliver coaching courses for the IoS, you will need to approach them.

Q: Can Educators purchase resources at a discounted rate?

Workforce Support are currently in discussion with various other departments with regards to this and hopefully we will be able to offer discounts to you in the future. So watch this space!


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