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Dart 10k 2019

Dart 10k open water swimmer.

Hosted by the Outdoor Swimming Society, the Dart 10k 2019 takes place on the 14 – 15 September and is having its 10th anniversary this year.

With a route running from Totnes to Dittisham in Devon, the course of the is a unique journey punctuated by landmarks such as the Cormorant Tree, the white rock, Sharpham boat house and Bow Creek.

The Dart 10k has grown from 200 swimmers in its first year to 1600.

The swim is billed as a journey, not a race – elite swimmers do take part alongside skin swimmers, disabled swimmers, newbies and butterfly swimmers – but the setting means the focus is on enjoying the swimming and the landscape, not just achieving a time or the distance.

Skin swimmers welcome by application.



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