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SE Aquatic Skills Framework Stage 8-10 Water Polo – Online, Survive and Save Training

This CPD will be delivered online and is an introduction to Stages 8-10 Water Polo and your role within them. It will help you identify the key themes in Stages 8-10 Water Polo and describe the key considerations for writing a set. The CPD will run from 09.30 to 13.30.

Who is the course designed for?
The CPD is for anyone and everyone, inclusive of educators, volunteers, officials, learners, teachers, coaches, athletes, and the general workforce from within and outside the leisure sector.

Course content
At the end of the CPd, learners will be able to:

  1. Identify the key features of Swim England’s Learn to Swim & Aquatic Skills Frameworks
  2. Outline the FUNdamental Water Polo skills and game principles
  3. Describe the health & safety requirements related to teaching Water Polo
  4. Identify the skills contained in Stages 8-10 Water Polo
  5. Identify basic tactical principles and common technique faults and their corrections
How to Enrol:
  • For more information please contact Sally Baldwin



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