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Swim England Swimming Coach – Theory Only – Online

This course builds on the Swim England Assistant Swimming Coach certificate, developing your knowledge, skills and abilities ahead of becoming an independent swimming coach.

Training format
While pools were closed, we adapted this certificate and split the theory and practical elements into two courses:

  1. Theory – This will be delivered online through interactive e-learning and zoom webinars.
  2. Practical – This will start with a series of zoom webinars to cover some practical topics and your venue orientation. You will then go on to do four or more, half-day practical sessions at the pool and a final webinar with your tutor.

This course is the first half and covers the theory only.

The webinars will be led by your tutor and you will be guided through the course content along with others on your course. You will be involved in group activities, able to ask questions and interact with others.

The webinar itinerary can be seen below.

You must attend all sessions and please ensure that you are in a suitable learning environment with strong internet access.

The first webinar will help you kick-off your studies. You will be guided through the structure of the course and how to access and start your e-learning.

The following six webinars will last around three hours each and you will have time in-between to complete set tasks and sections of your e-learning.

Our specialist online learning which is split into bite-sized pieces so you can work through these elements of the course online at home, at your own pace.

Once you have completed your theoretical training you will then be able to book on to your practical sessions which will include more course content, your coaching sessions and assessment at the pool.

Course fees
As this certificate is split into theory and practical sessions, we are splitting the course fee into two separate payments.

When you start the course and begin your online learning, you will only have to pay £250.

Once you have finished all the theory, you can book your practical session and make your final payment of £370. The final payment may be reduced if you are part of a Swim England Club and we have a Club Offer course available.

Course content
This course builds on the Swim England Assistant Swimming Coach certificate, developing your knowledge, skills and abilities ahead of becoming an independent swimming coach.

You will learn about:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Swimming Coach
  • Impact of the Athlete Development Support Pathway in competitive swimming
  • Scientific principles of competitive swimming
  • Competitive swimming skills
  • Types of training used to develop swimmers
  • Planning, delivery and evaluation of a series of sessions
  • Effective management in training and competition
  • Communication skills within the swimming coaching environment
  • Motivational techniques
  • Developing swimming skills and competitive swimming strokes
  • Evaluating swimmer progress
  • Reflecting and evaluating on own performance
  • Planning for professional development

Who is the course designed for?
Anyone who has a Swim England Assistant Swimming Coach certificate who wants to become an independent coach.

How to Enrol:
Click book on course or use the contact details below.

You must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the course.

Swim England Assistant Swimming Coach

Swim England Assistant Swimming Coach – Blended Learning

ASA Level 1 Coaching Swimming or equivalent post 1994
If you are unsure if your qualification meets the pre-requisites, please check with the Institute of Swimming on 01509 640640
Learners need:
– to have been coaching in the last 3 months on a regular basis
– to be linked to a swimming club with access to 3 sessions per week for off course assessment
– to have access to swimmers that sit within 2 different stages of the ADSP (Athlete Development Support Pathway) i.e training to train and above over the course of a 6 week mesocycle
– to work with a coaching assistant
– to have knowledge and experience of current coaching best practices



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