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Team Manager 2 Workshop – Online

The Team Manager 2 workshop takes place online on Monday 1 March 2021 from 6:15pm – 8:30pm.

The workshop is appropriate for all those team managers working with a team / club in camps and competitions both domestically (England, Scotland and Wales) and abroad.

Other available dates – 18 February and 23 February 2021.

If your chosen date is full or you cannot make the dates specified then please pre-register for future dates.

  • Holds Swim England Membership
  • In date DBS check on membership record
  • Has completed Team Manager 1 training
  • Identified as a Team manager on the Club Personal Report
  • Approved Safeguarding certificate on membership record
  • Aged 18 year or older.



Thysia Pater-Dye

[email protected]