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Artistic Swimming Technical Controller Training


New Roles in Artistic Swimming


WANTED – Volunteers to be the first cohort of Technical Controllers to be trained ready for the role out in 2024 of the new World Aquatics judging systems in England.


The role of a Difficulty Technical Controller is to review all of the technical required elements (technical routines), hybrids and acrobatics performed in real time as they occur in a routine, identifying any “technical errors”. Technical errors are differences from what is declared on the Coach Card to what is performed in the water OR an error in a technical required element (technical routines).


New Technical Controllers are needed at all levels of competition from 2024. We are seeking volunteers from all regions to join the training and be part of the rollout of the new exciting Artistic Swimming rules.


Technical Controllers should have an excellent level of knowledge of artistic swimming as a sport, have a fine eye for detail and an objective and analytical approach.


To apply you should be at least one of :

  • World Aquatics current or former International Judge
  • Level 3 Judges with at least 2 years of experience
  • Club Coach working with athletes that are involved with National Squads
  • Current or ex-National Team athletes

If you are interested download an application form and email the completed form to volunteering@swimming.org by 31 May 2023