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Other swimming career choices exist. It is not just teaching, coaching and lifeguarding. These are the most talked about but they are not the only vacancies you’ll see on Careers in Aquatics. Here are some other options for you to consider.

Swimming career choices 1: Quality Assurance roles

These relate to the delivery of aquatics training courses. The roles ensure courses are run to the high standards expected by the awarding body, training provider and learners, and there are two key roles: internal and external verifiers

Internal Verifier

This role ensures that a tutor’s or assessor’s assessments are accurate, reliable and fair.

  • Note, the role demands a person has been an assessor (see below) first.

You will need to hold a V1 or equivalent qualification, a nationally recognised and widely used competence-based programme enabling individuals to conduct internal quality assurance checks.

  • CPD is vital in this role if you are to succeed. You need to remain up to date with new and developing practices.

Internal verifiers are employed by training providers. You can find vacancies advertised here on Careers in Aquatics.

External Verifier

This is the next step on from an internal verifier, and the role ensures an internal verifier’s assessment of a tutor or assessor is accurate.

You will have to hold a V2 or equivalent qualification, and as with the internal verifier role CPD is vital if you are to succeed.

An external verifier is employed by an Awarding Body, such as the ASA Awarding Body, but positions are limited and candidates normally identified individually.

Swimming career choices 2: Tutor/Assessor Roles

Tutors are responsible for delivering the ASA’s coach education programme, a series of coaching qualifications to equip coaches with the skills they need.

The assessor assesses if the candidates meet the set outcomes determined by each training course being delivered.

Qualified tutors are part of the ASA’s development framework that seeks to create teachers and coaches who can promote learning through ownership, awareness and responsibility.

You will need to have:

  1. an in-depth knowledge of the aquatic sport you are interested in.
  2. experience of delivering training sessions to groups of adults.

Head over to the ASA Educator Website here to learn more about defined tutor training programmes, and again CPD is vital to being successful in the role.

Swimming career choices 3: Instructor Roles

Aquatic fitness instructors help bring the gym culture into the pool, running sessions in pools for those who want to use the pool as part of their healthy lifestyle approach.

Aquafit/Aqua Circuits/Aqua Jogging Instructors

  • Aquafit is aerobic exercise in water. It promotes fitness for life and aims to maintain stamina, strength, and suppleness.
  • Aqua circuits is for those who prefer a more targeted workout without the dance to music element. Aqua circuits classes are the aquatic equivalent to circuits in the gym.
  • Aqua jogging is essentially as it sounds – jogging in the water! It is usually done with the aid of a belt which aids buoyancy and helps maintain an upright position in the water.

All Aquafitness instructors deliver safe, effective, quality, balanced and enjoyable programmes and evaluate the effectiveness of sessions.

You will need to be 18 to qualify as an instructor, and you’ll need to gain an ASA Level 2 Certificate for Teaching (Aquafit).

Jobs are normally within leisure centres and Aquafit instructors are employed by a pool operator. Look out for vacancies on Careers in Aquatics.