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Event volunteers are vital at Local, Regional and National events as without them the events just could not run. There are a number of different roles to be performed and this may vary by aquatic discipline. However many roles require little or no experience to get started. With more experience people may be invited to perform roles with more responsibility. Below is an over-view of some of the type of roles available. There are also lots of other roles. To find out more get in touch.

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Field of play


Field of Play Team Member

Different disciplines will have different field of play roles. Most of these are easy enough to pick up and can be lots of fun. Generally they will be assigned on arrival based on who has what experience and what roles are required on the day. There will be more experienced volunteers on hand to offer advice and help first-timers. Find out more


You will be part of a team who are responsible for checking that all athletes required for an event are present and ready to compete, in the right order. During the warm up all the withdrawals for an event are processed and the final list of competitors will be provided to you before the start of the session. The athletes will be called by the announcer to go to the marshalling area for each event. Once swimmers are in the marshalling area they are under the control of the marshalls. At events with medal presentations the marshalling team are required to make sure that award winners are present and ready (properly dressed) to collect their awards in good time and assembled near the podium (the announcer will have already done a roll call of athletes needed for finals, medal presentation and other awards). When signalled to do so, the marshalls should send the award winners to the podium for presentation.

Athlete Kit carrier

This role is to ensure that athlete’s kit is taken from the area of competition to the designated athlete area throughout the competition. Where disabled athletes are involved this kit may include prosthetics and mobility aids. Find out more


Runners are essential to ensure that the needs and requirements of the event are functional areas and are met by providing general assistance. Among other duties runners will distribute start sheets and results to different personnel in the venue, potentially including media,world class teams and Front of House team. Find out more

Medal table

Some events will not have official medal presentations so when the results are announced those athletes being awarded medals will need to collect their medals from a medal table. Names will need to be checked against official results

Front of House


Front of House Team Member

The Front of house team members are essentially ‘the face of the event’. They may be responsible for a selection of selling or checking tickets, selling merchandise and checking and handing out accreditations and passes. Generally they act as the information desk for the event and are usually the first person someone attending the event may interact with so a friendly customer focused attitude is a benefit. Find out more



Hospitality Manager

A host for VIPs who ensures they have all necessary comforts for their day. The hospitality manager will act as an information point for the VIPs and manage the VIP room. Find out more


Hospitality Team Member

Working closely with the Front of House Team, Hospitality Team Members are on hand to answer all questions about the event. Find out more