2022 membership renewals process is now open for your club

We wanted to let you know that you are now able to start renewing and lapsing your members on the Online Membership System (OMS) for 2022.

📅Deadline – All clubs must complete a 2022 renewals return by Monday 28th February including submission of your renewals batch and full payment as indicated on the OMS estimate. Failure to complete a renewals return by the deadline will result in your club being suspended.

🏊New Members – You may have new members join your club before you are ready to submit your renewals batch, as soon as you add them onto OMS, these members will be insured to train with your club. Once you have added these members, they will be listed in your renewals batch under the Batch Management tab of OMS.

Stronger Affiliation and SwimMark – All clubs need to ensure they are compliant with the minimum standards of Stronger Affiliation or are up to date with their SwimMark accreditation renewal in order to complete their membership renewal batch for 2022.

🏅Club Compete Members – If you have new Club Compete Members (Category 2) or members that require processing ahead of your renewals batch being complete, make the amendments to OMS and then complete the Fast Track request form. We will process any requests to register and upgrade members each Wednesday.

🤽 Disciplines –  To make sure we have up to date information about your club on Poolfinder, please provide details of the activities offered at your club for 2022: https://www.swimming.org/poolfinder/


When submitting your renewals you need to indicate your club activity at the bottom of the ‘confirm batch submission’ by selecting the disciplines which form part of your club activities.

Only select activities that:

  1. Are offered by your club and have designated pool time for 2022.
  2. Your club has the necessary personnel to deliver these sessions.

If you have any questions, please email the Swim England team at renewals@swimming.org

Visit Online Membership System (OMS): https://www.swimmingmembers.org/