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Disabled Man Uses Arms Only in 2 Mile Swimming Challenge

‘Project Endurance’ will take place on Sunday 16th September 2018 at Repton School, Derbyshire with pupils from the school and members of City of Derby Swimming Club (CoDSC) as we aim to swim a total distance of crossing the Channel and back, 42 miles, between us. Steve Webster, FND Dimensions Founder aims ‘to complete a two-mile swim, just with the use of his arms’. Ross Davenport, former Team GB swimmer has agreed to come along to the event to increase awareness of FND, a condition that more and more people are being diagnosed with but remains largely invisible.

FND stands for ‘Functional Neurological Disorder’ where in its simplest terms, messages from the brain are sent or received incorrectly resulting in a range of physical symptoms. FND makes up around 15-20% of all Neurology Outpatient appointments within the NHS.

Unfortunately, many of the required treatments designed to support people diagnosed with FND do not exist across the whole country and it is somewhat of a ‘postcode lottery’ as to whether or not patients can access the appropriate treatment they need.  Even where they can access services, demand is very high and they often have to wait many months or years before they see a medical professional who can help them. This results in many people being left to cope with this debilitating and isolating condition alone, not fully understanding the nature of their condition or being understood by those around them. In the words of those with FND,

Steve Webster’s own medical condition ‘Spinal Myoclonus’ means he has to wear a waist band float to help hold his body up in the water and is only able to use his arms to swim as he is unable to kick his legs without bringing on uncontrollable spasms. This also means he is unable to tumble turn at the end of each length of the pool.

The value of sport in terms of aiding an individual’s long-term wellbeing, physically and mentally, is well documented. It is also acts as a good way to bring about positive change, spreading a message of understanding and awareness of FND in the wider community.

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