About Level X Racing

What is it?

Level X Racing is a club time trial held in training with results being submitted to Swim England’s Rankings database.

It is a fun opportunity for swimmers to practice some racing skills in the absence of competitions due to COVID-19.

Swim England will publish leaderboards at designated times throughout the racing period to celebrate success.

Who is it for?

Any Swim England category 2 member can take part in Level X Racing. Swim England are offering a free upgrade to Category 2 for current Category 1 members for the remainder of 2020 to enable them to take part in Level X Racing, however to participate in 2021 swimmers will need to be a fully paid Category 2 member.

Only swimmers who would usually be attending that particular training session should take part in Level X Racing sessions, and all swimmers should take part in their usual training bubbles with social distancing maintained throughout.

When is it happening?

Series 1 of Level X Racing starts on 23 October and ends on 31 December 2020. More details about the schedule can be viewed here.

Series 2 of Level X Racing will start in January 2021 with dates being published in December 2020.

More Information

For more information on Level X Racing please use this link: https://www.swimming.org/sport/major-events/level-x-racing/