An Etwall Eagles Masters swimmer has completed a marathon Lake Zurich swim in 10 and a half hours, an incredible effort when you consider you would have to swim 1,056 lengths of your local pool (without stopping) to match his efforts!

Clive Smith swam the 26.4 kilometres in a field of 40 solo swimmers and 21 teams from all over the world. The event started early in the morning at Rapperswil with the target to reach Zurich within the 12 hour time limit.

Smith (45) had to overcome some early navigational challenges, seasonally high temperatures and a shoulder injury which occurred with over 10 kilometres still to swim. However his preparation and mental toughness ensured he finished in 11th place in the 40+ years non-wetsuit category.

Smith only started swimming competitively in his mid 30’s after joining the Masters section at Derbyshire’s Etwall Eagles Swimming Club. His love affair with the sport has continued to grow which has seen him go on and become a qualified swimming teacher.

Smith raised £2,280 for the Derby Hospitals Charitable Trust (Children’s A&E and Prostate Wards).

Photo shows Clive Smith (second from right) presenting his cheque to staff at the Royal Derby Hospital.