Return to Competition - Training of Officials

Effective until 31st March 2022

Whilst we continue to negotiate the return to competition within a landscape of changing Covid-19 restrictions, some adjustments to the requirements for training officials continue to be appropriate. The overriding principle remains adherence to the Covid-19 restrictions in force in the relevant area at the time. Training, mentoring and assessments must only take place if they can be conducted in a safe and legal manner.

It remains the desire that trainee officials gain their poolside experience at the broadest possible range of events, however it is appreciated that this will have to be influenced by the availability of meets and training opportunities. As such, the requirement for trainee J1, J2 and J2S officials to evidence attendance at certain levels of meet before they can be considered qualified has been waived until the end of March 2022, although it is still desirable that experience is gained at more than one level of meet. The requirements for Referee candidates remain as laid out on their Record of Poolside Duties form.


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