Team Manager Module 1 Workshop - 24th June 2019

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Team Manager Workshop

We have spaces available on our Team Manager Module 1 Workshop at Ascot Drive Fire Station.

Workshop Details:

Team Manager training is designed to ensure any volunteers who are taking groups of athletes to competitions or camps, are fully equipped to do their role. Ensuring athletes arrive and return from sporting activities unharmed is a big responsibility – this training will ensure volunteers have all the necessary skills and knowledge to do this with confidence.

Date:         Monday 24th June 2019
Time:        6:30pm – 9:30pm
Venue:     Ascot Drive Fire Station Community Room
Ascot Drive, Derby, DE24 8GZ

Cost:        FREE

The minimum age to attend workshop is 16 years old, although it should be noted that an individual cannot take the role of a Team Manager fully until they turn 18.

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