Upcoming Volunteer Workshops

Upcoming Regional Workshops

For all of our workshops you must be a current member of Swim England.

All the workshops can be found on our flyer here

The Midlands Regions continuously strives to support clubs and volunteers offering as many online training and learning opportunities as possible. We have pulled together a suite of workshops that are available for you to book onto over the coming months.

Chairs Seminar

The Seminar will focus on dealing with internal disputes, how the role of the chair leads on the overall governance of the club and we will also take a look at the club constitution. Please note you must be a current member of Swim England and be on your clubs OMS as Chair or Vice Chair.

Club Personnel Report Webinar

The webinar will cover:

  • Key things to consider
  • Club Administrator area – who can do what
  • Club Personnel Record – editing, adding and removing roles
  • Downloading of the Club Personnel Record and Report

This webinar is around 60 mins long dependent on questions, this will be a live run through of a test club’s OMS rather than a PowerPoint.

SwimMark Information Session

What the workshop will cover:

  • What is SwimMark
  • The Online Portal
  • 5 important elements
  • The Coach and Teacher Register
  • How to update the Club Personnel Report
  • Downloading an OMS report
  • Who needs a DBS & Safeguarding training
  • Useful tips
  • Any questions you may have

Team Manager Module 1

The Team Manager 1 Course is aimed at those who are starting out on their volunteering journey and focuses on single day competitions or camps where there is no overnight stay. It covers all aquatic disciplines and will be delivered via a two and a half hour webinar hosted on Zoom. Participants will be guided through the course content, be able to ask questions and get involved with the group text discussions. You must be 18+ to attend.

Team Manager Module 2

The workshop is appropriate for all those team managers working with a team / club in camps and competitions both domestically (England, Scotland and Wales) and abroad.


  • Holds Swim England Membership
  • In date DBS check on membership record
  • Has completed Team Manager 1 training
  • Identified as a Team manager on the Club Personal Report
  • Approved Safeguarding certificate on membership record
  • Aged 18 year or older.

Time To Listen

Swim England has linked up with the NSPCC and is accredited to deliver the Time to Listen module, which is aimed at Club Welfare Officers. The Time to Listen programme provides the opportunity to acquire key knowledge necessary for the role and responsibilities of a CWO, to adopt a child-focused approach to safeguarding and to learn about the action/s which should be taken should any incident occur. You must have completed a Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop to attend the workshop. You must be 18+ to attend.

The Swim England Time to Listen course is run for Welfare Officers at no cost to candidates, however, there is a cost to the region. Unfortunately, we have recently had a number of last minute cancellations or no-shows, and despite having a large reserves list, the lack of notice has meant places could not be filled. Due to this we have implemented a new booking policy that outlines how our bookings work, our cancellation policy and our non-attendance policy. Booking Policy

Welfare Seminar

This is an exciting and brand new seminar that Swim England have recently launched; it’s designed for Welfare Officers and Club Chairs; to gain an understanding of the needs of the role of a Welfare Officer and to provide clarity when dealing with internal disputes and welfare matters within the club. Please note: the chairman is only eligible to attend alongside the clubs Welfare Officer.

Working Together Workshop

The 90 minute ‘Working Together Webinar’ aims to provide clubs with information on developing new or existing partnerships with their operators. We will explore the benefits of adopting a partnership approach, provide useful insight into working with operators, give examples of good partnership working and provide tools to help implement the process with your operators. This workshop is aimed at people in the club who are responsible for the relationships with their operators.

Upcoming National Workshops

Swim England’s Welfare Officer Workshop

Monday 13 December
Wednesday 19 January
Wednesday 23 February
Thursday 24 March
Can be booked by clicking here

Swim England’s Information Session for Chairs

Monday 6 December
Thursday 13 January
Monday 28 February
Can be booked by clicking here

Swim England’s Club Secretary & Membership Officer workshop

Thursday 6 January
Monday 7 February
Wednesday 9 March
Can be booked by clicking here

OMS and Club Personnel Report Information sessions

Thursday 16 December
Can be booked by clicking here

Swim England Safeguarding

Please see a list of the upcoming Swim England Safeguarding courses here

If you are unable to attend our any of our online workshops previously due to dates, times or the workshop being full. Please register your interest below and we will inform you via email when workshops become available https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/wshopinterest

For more information on our volunteer workshops, please email eastmidland@swimming.org

Other Courses

The Swim England Swimming Technical Officials – Timekeeping course is now online too and can be booked onto by clicking here

Swimming Technical Officials – Judge 1 Theory can be booked by clicking here

Information on Teaching courses can be found by clicking here

Information on Coaching courses can be found by clicking here