The following table shows the cookies set by, along with their purpose.

For more information on what cookies are and links showing how to configure what cookies you browser will accept, have a look at our cookie information page.

Internal Cookies

Cookie Category Purpose
Session tracking Allow you to log into our website, complete feedback forms, comment on articles and other interactive functionality.
“Remember me” Allow you to remain logged into our website between sessions (visits).
Preferences Stores your preferences such as whether you have hidden the cookie information header bar, or whether you should be directed to the MySwimming page on return visits.

External and Third Party Cookies

Cookie Category Cookie Provider Purpose
Anonymous visit information Google Analytics Google Analytics allows us to track visitor trends and the performance of our website over time. Google Analytics uses a number of cookies to track.
Social media sharing AddThis, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Allow you to easily share articles, photos and other content on our website via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Infrastructure Amazon Web Services Our website is hosted using Amazon Web Services. This service sets a single cookie to ensure the website performs optimally for all users.

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