Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust partners with Institute of Swimming to develop swimming provision

Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT) has agreed a three year partnership with the Institute of Swimming to support the growth and development of its swimming teacher workforce. The partnership follows DCLT’s programme rebrand of its learn to swim provision.

DCLT manages 14 leisure, fitness and entertainment sites across Doncaster and, in 2017, won the Swim England Learn to Swim School Provider of the Year.

Alex Barrett, Aquatic Development Manager for DCLT, said:

“It was during this process we identified that workforce training should be a key performance indicator, which is what led to the partnership with the Institute of Swimming.

“We are committed and passionate about developing our workforce and growing the aquatics offer in our borough. Over the last 12 months DCLT has recruited and trained more than 40 new swim teachers. Our goal is to continue this momentum and further develop our workforce in partnership with the Institute of Swimming.”

DCLT plan to deliver more than 70 trained teachers over the next few years to meet the needs of its customers.

Natalie McGuire, Business Development Manager for the Institute of Swimming said:

“Doncaster is an extremely innovative and proactive provider, striving for quality throughout their operations. Their dedicated team responsible for delivering quality aquatic opportunities for the residents of Doncaster, and the continuous evaluation of their offer, resonates with the vision and mission at the Institute of Swimming. We are delighted to be working with DCLT to support the achievement of their strategic objectives and hope we can continue to grow the relationship over the three year period.”