SEQ, ASA, IQL UK? What do all these acronyms mean?

You might have noticed that at the start of our course titles there are a few acronyms. Although they might look random they are actually quite important. They let you know who the Awarding Body for the qualification is.

Awarding bodies design and develop qualifications and awards which are then delivered by their approved training centres. Following the courses assessment and quality assurance process, the awarding bodies are then the ones who certificate those that qualify.


In 2018 the ASA Awarding Body rebranded to Swim England Qualifications. This change meant that all the qualifications they owned changed from starting with ASA to SEQ. During the change, you may have also seen Swim England written at the start of the qualification title.

As an example, this means the following qualifications are all the same:


IQL UK is the UK’s leading provider of education and training in lifesaving, lifeguarding, water safety and life support skills; they are the trading subsidiary of the UK’s drowning prevention charity, the Royal Life Saving Society UK.

All of our Pool Plant courses are awarded by IQL UK.


We are a Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Approved Training Provider. This means that our Pool Plant Technical Operator training is of the highest standard, using PWTAG guidelines which are widely viewed as best practice.

PWTAG is a UK-based independent, non-commercial membership organisation, dedicated to raising standards in pool water treatment.

Swim England Coaching Courses

Our coaching courses are certificates, not qualifications as they have been developed with Swim England, the national governing body for swimming in England. This is why they don’t start with the SEQ acronym.