Our e-learning is evolving

As the way we absorbed and interact with information changes, so do our learning needs. Many of us are looking for relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalised training. To make sure we are providing that most relevant form of learning for our customers, we are evolving our online learning platform.

Our new e-learning system will be rolled out across our online and blended learning courses with our Blended Learning SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) and SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming courses being the first released this January.

This means that anyone on these courses whose online learning starts from today will get to experience our new platform. Here are some of the improvements you will see:

  • More accessible and easier to use
  • Learning split into bite-size sections that can easily and fit around your schedule
  • More supportive of mobile and on-the-go learning

Online learning caters to lots of our modern preferences. Here are the top advantages:

Leads to better learning

It has been shown that online learning can often be more effective as the majority of people tend to prefer bite-sized, interactive content and would rather watch a video than read through pages of a manual. E-learning content tends to be very interactive and the more engaging the content is, the better you remember information.

You can access the content an unlimited number of times. In traditional forms of learning, if you cannot remember the content, then you have to research that topic on your own; with e-learning, you can go back whenever you want with ease.

On-demand access, available anywhere and anytime

With online learning, you can access content anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to take time out from work or miss important events.

Access to e-learning is available on the job and on the go. It provides you with real-time access to review learning on your own, when and where you need to. In a fixed course environment the learning experience is finite, leaving you to rely on memory or support materials.

With no geographical boundaries involved, e-learning allows individuals from all over the world to complete the training they’re interested in. Those who are either physically or psychologically unable to be present in a classroom can continue their educational development through online courses.

Quicker training route

E-learning is a way to provide quick lesson delivery compared to a traditional classroom environment. It has been shown that the time required to learn is reduced by 25%-60%. Here are some of the reasons why the learning time is reduced:

  • Lessons start quickly and are wrapped up in a single learning session.
  • Learners can define their speed of learning instead of following the speed of the whole group.
  • Saves time as a student does not need to travel to the training venue. You can learn at the comfort of your place.

Less impact on the environment

As e-learning is paperless and there is no need to travel to a venue, it a more environmental way to learn. A study done on e-learning courses found that distance-based learning programs consume around 90% less power and generated 85% less CO2 emissions compared to traditional courses.