New Swim England Safeguarding CPD

Swim England’s new CPD provides an insight into safeguarding issues, how to deal with those concerns and how to access support and advice.

Launched on 6 April, the course has been developed in collaboration between the National Governing Body’s Child Safeguarding, Qualifications and Educator Training teams.

Importantly at this time, the Institute of Swimming is delivering the CPD as an online webinar, led by tutors, allowing participants in various locations to be guided through the course content.

The course reflects Wavepower, Swim England’s recently updated child safeguarding policy and procedures publication. This ensures that learners gain a real understanding of policy, advice and guidance relevant to our sports.

It is also an integral part of Swim England’s ongoing Stronger Affiliation process, which introduces new measures for affiliated clubs aimed at ensuring the safety of Swim England members.

Promoting child welfare

Jenni Dearman, Swim England’s National Child Safeguarding Manager, outlined why the new CPD has been devised and introduced.

“Swim England is committed to ensuring that all children who take part in Swim England activities are able to have fun and participate in an environment that keeps them safeguarded from harm and promotes their welfare at all times.

Approximately 75% of the Swim England membership is under the age of 18. It is vitally important that adults working or volunteering with children are supported by us to understand their role and responsibilities so they know how to react to and report any child safeguarding concerns.”

A child-centred approach

Jenni continued: “Feedback and insight from our members showed a need to develop a bespoke Swim England child safeguarding course for our affiliated clubs and members that reflects Wavepower and the policies and procedures of our organisation.

“This CPD aims to provide learners with an understanding of their duties and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children. It also ensures they adopt a child-centred approach in their role – listening and understanding the needs and views of children.”

Created for teachers and coaches

Upon forming a working group in May 2019, Swim England’s Child Safeguarding, Qualifications and Educator Training teams began working with tutors to develop ideas and content for the CPD.

The working group also sought feedback from county and regional child welfare officers, and Swim England are grateful for all the support received throughout this project.

The result of this collaborative approach is an in-depth and highly relevant CPD created specifically for aquatics teachers and coaches.

Help, advice and support

“The Safeguarding CPD has been written for any role within our sports that requires an enhanced DBS disclosure,” confirmed Jenni.

“As the course is bespoke, we have been able to ensure that learning covers the types of concerns and themes we see in our sports.

“On completion of the CPD we hope learners will be better prepared for what they may face in their roles and feel reassured of the help, advice and support that is available to them.”

She concluded: “Everyone who works or volunteers with children has a responsibility to safeguard them from harm and promote a child-centred approach.

“This course will ensure the duty and requirements of government legislation and the requirements of Wavepower are fully understood so all learners can play their part regardless of their role.”

Find out more about the Institute of Swimming’s Swim England Safeguarding CPD here.