Swimming inspired activities to support your children’s lockdown learning

If your kids are missing the pool and you want to use their love of swimming to motivate them while you are homeschooling, we have created some activities for you.

Literacy activity sheets

 Creative activities

  • Design a swimming hat design – download templates
  • Design a swimsuit/shorts – download templates
  • Draw your dream swimming pool
  • Build your dream swimming pool design – Using the drawing of your dream swimming pool, build the same design using LEGO, recycling, or similar
  • Build a 3D model of a new waterslide – Using empty home items (e.g. empty toilet rolls), colouring pens
  • Build your own paper boat using this guide – Put them in the bath and see if you can blow or push them along. Is your boat strong enough to carry a toy character?
  • Olympic Rings – Make your own version of the Olympic Rings using different colours and materials. You could cut coloured paper into strips and loop them together.
  • Country Flag – Design your own flag to display at the opening ceremony when you become an Olympian!

Family fun