Swimming teacher training to support Swim England’s Returning to Pools Guidance

In mid-June Swim England released their comprehensive Returning to Pools Guidance which includes robust recommendations for how the whole sector can safely reopen in line with government guidance.

So swimming teachers and operators can implement the guidance safely and effectively, and restart their learn to swim programmes, the Institute of Swimming has created a suite of free learning in partnership with Swim England.

A series of live webinars covering four topics were initially created and meet with overwhelming demand with 5,000 bookings made in the first week. More than 2,000 swimming teachers have now attended the training and explored the guidance with team members from Swim England and the Institute of Swimming.

To make sure everyone has the chance to freely access the training, the Institute of Swimming has packaged the webinar recordings into five videos. These videos cover an introduction to the Returning to Pools Guidance, additional support, teaching from poolside, effective communication and teaching in deep water.

From mid-July, they will be releasing free certificated e-learning for members who can access the training through their Members Online Learning Hub. This e-learning will include checks on learning and is available for partners who wish to ensure their workforce can implement the guidance effectively.

Rebecca Cox, Institute of Swimming Managing Director said:

“It has been incredible to see this level of engagement from swimming teachers and operators, we will work alongside our partners to anticipate needs in what continues to be a fast-moving situation. Our driving force is to ensure everyone feels confident in restarting their swimming lessons, in accordance with their own delivery plans, as soon as the government gives pools the green light.

We are committed to this training continuing to be freely available for all teachers and coaches to assist with customers experiencing a safe and engaging swimming lesson wherever they choose to learn.”