New Foundations of Inclusivity CPD launches

Swim England’s new “Foundations of Inclusivity CPD” launched in National Inclusion Week in conjunction with the Institute of Swimming. 


The new Foundations of Inclusivity CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is open to anyone working within the aquatics community such as swimming teachers, coaches and volunteers as well as those working outside the leisure sector.


Endorsed by CIMSPA’s Working Inclusively Professional Standard, it gives anyone who has completed the CPD 3.5 CIMSPA points and contributes towards the annual requirements of their CIMSPA membership.


The Foundations of Inclusivity CPD can be completed via our interactive e-learning platform with the use of case studies, interactive learning checks and covering a range of topics including:

  • Applying the social approach of inclusion
  • Identifying current and appropriate terminology
  • Describing the importance of adaptation
  • Identifying where to access additional support and guidance


The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and can be booked online.

Jenny Norvill, Head of Institute of Swimming, said

“National Inclusion Week is the perfect time for Swim England and the Institute of Swimming to launch the new Foundations of Inclusivity CPD educating the aquatics community and beyond in such a crucial area of education”