Halloween Themed Swimming Lessons

Halloween Themed Swimming Lesson Ideas

Have some fun in the pool and get creative with our spooktacular Halloween swimming lesson ideas!

1. Warm-up Game

Get your swimmers warmed up by embracing the theme and moving around the pool:

  • Walk like a zombie
  • Move like a ghost
  • Be a pumpkin (mushroom float)
  • Fly on a broomstick (use a noodle)
  • Run like a werewolf

2. Haunted House Swimming Game

  • Participants travel around the pool imagining they are travelling around a haunted house avoiding ghosts.
  • Choose a learner to shout ‘ghost’ at random. Everyone has to stand still so the ghost can’t find them.
  • You can adapt for higher stages to swimming and a star float or mushroom float to hide.

3. Halloween Hookey Spooky Swimming Song

A little twist on a nursery rhyme:

In a circle, travel towards the centre and back at times, and stationary in a circle facing the centre at other times, whilst singing:

You put your Zombie arms in, Your Zombie arms out,

In, out, in, out, you shake it all about,

You do the Hookey Spooky and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about,

Woah, the Hookey spooky (x3), Knees bent, arms stretched, Ra-Ra-Ra.

You can substitute the Zoombie Arms for Werewolf Arms and Witches legs.

4. Poltergeist Shuffle Swimming Game

  • Swimmers stand with a floating toy in front of them.
  • With their hands by their sides, they need to undulate their bodies to create waves to move the toy across the pool.
  • The first poltergeist (swimmer) to get their toy to the other side wins.
  • Theme the toys- Eggs become eyeballs, balls become pumpkins and floats become gravestones.

5. Trick or Treat

  • Get everyone to say the rhyme, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat”
  • Participants float on their backs wiggling their smelly toes, then rotate onto their front and blow bubbles with their faces in, pretending they are apple bidding,
  • Call “Trick” or “Treat” and get them to alternate between the two.