Bethany is becoming a Swimming Teacher to help fund her Masters

Bethany, 21, is mid-way through her SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming Qualification. Here she explains how being a swimming teaching assistant has helped with her studies and how she will be using her Level Two Qualification to continue her formal education.

Bethany Swimming Level 2

Bethany says:

“I’ve always loved swimming and as a child I was given ‘free’ swimming lessons from trainee swimming teachers whilst they were studying for their qualifications. I had a strong connection with the Swim Tutor and it was her suggestion that I too could be become a swimming teacher.  So, when I was just 16, I gained my Level One Teaching Assistant Qualification and have been working as an assistant swimming teacher and lifeguard ever since. There’s lot of availability and opportunities to gain your level one and two qualifications during school holidays and part of the training is now online too.”


Bethany worked as an assistant swimming teacher throughout her degree, where she studied Psychology.

She says:

“Its such a great job for a student.  The hours are very flexible, as the majority of children’s swimming lessons take place in the afternoon, early evening or weekend.


“There’s a demand for swimming teachers and I never found a problem picking up work. All my employers were very understanding of my studies and a lot of swim schools only operate term time. It’s a very safe environment and I always found my work as an assistant swimming teacher to be respected.  It’s also lovely to work poolside and to spend time with children and their parents. I have thoroughly enjoyed developing a bond with the children – it’s such a treat to watch them progress and develop their skills, and it’s a great opportunity to gain confidence and maturity as a young woman.”


Now Bethany has graduated, she is getting her Level Two Swimming Teacher Qualification and plans to use this skill to fund her Masters Degree.


She explains:

“During my degree, my dissertation was in paediatric psychology and it was great to see some of the methods I learnt in the Institute of Swimming’s course.  Having now graduated, I want to pursue paediatric psychology further and am excited to start my Master’s Degree. When I was interviewed for my Masters, the university tutors were all very impressed that I had so much work experience, especially working with young people.


“Teaching swimming is a well-paid job and I don’t think I would be able to fund my Masters without teaching swimming. For me, it’s the perfect solution. A job that I love with the time for me to study for my Masters too.


“I would recommend being a swimming teacher or an assistant swimming teacher to any students.  The Institute of Swimming’s training is extremely comprehensive and gives you the skills and the confidence to work with children. It’s such a rewarding job and it’s great that I have also gained the experience of supporting children with learning and physical disabilities.”

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