Ensure your swimming lessons reign supreme for The Coronation!

We’ve created some swimming lesson games for you to make a royal splash with leading up to The King’s Coronation.

Tea Party

Set up everything the swimmers need for a tea party on the edge of the pool. Each swimmer gets a tray (float) to set for the tea party. They need to collect a teacup and saucer, a sandwich, and a scone (depending on what toys you have to mimic them) from the side of the pool and travel with it balancing on their tray.

Crown Relay

Divide the swimmers into teams and provide each team with a tied-up noodle which is their crown. Each team member must travel/swim to the other side of the pool while either wearing the crown or balancing it on a royal cushion (float) and then pass it on to the next teammate. The team that completes the relay first wins.

Kings Cannons

Swimmers can perform a push and glide as they pretend to be cannons shooting through the water as part of the Royal Gun Salute. You can get them to fire in succession, see if they can go further each time as they improve their streamlining, or even get them to do a log roll.

The King’s Procession

Divide your swimmers into two teams. Each team selects two swimmers to be The King and The Queen Consort who sit on a large float (their carriage). The other swimmers in their team push the float across the pool by kicking and holding the float, racing the other team. They can change their royal couple and start again.

Other activities

The Swim England Learn to Swim Team has also created activities for all teachers and parents to do in the water with their swimmers.

If you would like to download these images and the PDF that provides adaptability, equipment needed, etc please email [email protected].