Swim England Senior Water Polo Coach Certificate

The Swim England Senior Water Polo Coach certificate gives you the skills to plan, deliver and evaluate long term competitive coaching programmes.

After qualifying, you will be able to manage and lead the coaching team to support all areas of the club programme.

  • Level:   Advanced
  • Duration:   12 months
  • Training Format:   Mentor programme including face to face workshops and online learning

Blended Learning is a more flexible approach where you can complete theory elements of the course online through a virtual pool environment and interactive videos prior to the practical workshops.

Who is the course designed for?

The Swim England Senior Water Polo Coach course is highly demanding. It suits ambitious, committed and experienced coaches who are already coaching larger groups of athletes.

Course content

A senior mentor will guide you throughout the year-long programme. The course then consists of a mixture of online activities and practical poolside-based learning sessions.


You must be at least 19 years of age and be coaching a squad. You will require a letter of endorsement from a Senior Coach and a letter of support from your Club Chairman.