Courses for pool operators

We offer a series of four courses for pool operators. They focus on the safe maintenance of swimming pools, spas and other water features.

As well as safeguarding the public, having appropriately trained and competent staff protects your reputation and could be vital should you ever be held to account.

We are a Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Approved Training Provider. This means that our Pool Plant Technical Operator training is of the highest standard, using PWTAG guidelines which are widely viewed as best practice.

Alongside enjoyment, water brings risks.

The threat: There’s the danger of water-borne viruses and using incorrect chemical levels. Then there are safety concerns such as heating and ventilation.

Your solution: To minimise risk to users, it is best practice for everyone involved in maintaining any kind of swimming pool, spa or water feature to be appropriately qualified. It’s safe to say any organisation that values its reputation needs competently trained staff.

Why IOS courses for Pool Operators?

Our world is water, and we ensure that quality, value and convenience are at the heart of our training courses.

  1. Quality: The IoS is a PWTAG Approved Training Provider and as an aquatic specialist, our experience sets us apart from other course providers.
  2. Value: Unlike other providers, the IoS offers cost certainty. Our courses will always be competitively priced, with a discount for CIMSPA members.
  3. Convenience: We offer the largest number of courses, more frequently throughout the country. This enables you to learn what is appropriate to your role and your facility at a time that suits you. Depending on numbers, we can deliver training at your own facility and offer an online learning option for the Pool Plant Operator Revalidation.

Pool Qualifications