Swimming Teacher Training to Support the Returning to Pools Guidance

In partnership with Swim England, we have created a suite of learning to support swimming teachers returning to the pool.

Swim England has published comprehensive Returning to Pools Guidance which includes robust recommendations for operators, swimming teachers, casual swimmers, lane swimming, family-fun sessions, club activity, and those attending swimming lessons.

So our members, swimming teachers, and partners are able to implement the guidance safely and effectively, we are providing free training. A series of three webinars were initially created and delivered with Swim England, these have now been packaged into the following five videos. These videos cover an introduction to the Returning to Pools Guidance, additional support, teaching from poolside, effective communication and teaching in deep water.

For those looking for a more structured program, we have created certificated e-learning which includes additional content for coaches and a final quiz to ensure the guidance is understood. This can be purchased for £5 and is free for members and those who are halfway through their qualification and waiting to attend their practical assessment.

Webinar Recordings

Returning to pools Guidance

This recording gives you an overview of the Returning to Pools Guidance, highlighting the key points that affect swimming lessons and teachers, it also goes over risk assessments. You can download the Swim England risk assessment template.

Additional support

This part of our webinar recording will share ideas on how to teach swimmers who require additional support, utilise your swimming assistant, and how you can use a parent or carer to provide support in the water.

Teaching from poolside

This webinar recording covers the use of equipment, pool layouts, teaching positions and organisational methods. Swim England have also put together a video to help you use their sample pool layouts, this has been added the recording below.

Effective communication

Covid-19 is not a barrier to communication, but it may change the way we communicate and operate. This recording will cover what barriers do exist and how to overcome them, how to use demonstrations effectively, visual resources and effective positioning. Swim England have created some free visual resources to support you.

Teaching in deep water

To implement social distancing you may have to change your pool layout and teach in deep water. This recording will go through what safety, delivery, equipment, and communication adaptions you may need to make when teaching in deep water.

Access the video here: https://vimeo.com/436806905/a734657dec

Become a member

Become a member

Become a member and we'll support you to develop your teaching capabilities and protect you with our insurance package, giving you the confidence to return to the pool safely.

Watch the Swim England Expected Standards videos

Watch the Swim England Expected Standards videos

The Swim England Expected Standards are referenced throughout the Learn to Swim Programme so now is a great time to refresh your knowledge and watch the Expected Standards videos. You can stream the whole collection from just £12 a year.

Explore the Swim England teacher resources

Explore the Swim England teacher resources

To help you create fun and effective swimming lessons, Swim England has a range of resources available to complement the Learn to Swim Programme including teacher textbooks, toolkits and activity packs.

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