Breakfast Blitz - a Just Swim App goal

Join your friends in the pool. Download the Just Swim app and burn off the 1,500 kCal from your fried breakfast the easy way. Burn calories with the Just Swim Breakfast Blitz goal.

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About the goal

You know it’s not healthy but sometimes a fried breakfast is eggs-actly what you need.

This goal is to burn off 1,500 kCal, or your average fried breakfast. This is equivalent to around Three Big Macs so you may not want to give in to temptation everyday.

Remember, always warm up before exercising. Check out our stretching videos in the blog section.

In the pool

1500 kCal is 122 minutes of average breaststroke swimming. How you do those 122 minutes is up to you. Remember, every swim counts towards your goal, however small. Just log swims to reach it. So which one are you?

  1. Stack it high! Do all the swims in one visit.
  2. Line up the Full Monty. Two visits of 62 minutes
  3. A continental please. Four visits of 31 minutes
  4. Just toast for me. Six visits of just over 20 minutes