Half Marathon - a Just Swim App goal

Join your friends in the pool. Download the Just Swim app and take on the Half Marathon goal. Swim the 21,125m that make up half of the London Marathon. Swim it again to do a full one.

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About the goal

Break through the pain barrier to reach a swimmer’s high with this 21,125m goal taking you through the first 13 mile-markers of the London Marathon.

The half marathon goal is not for the faint-hearted as you’ll be pounding out 844 lengths of a 25m pool or 1,050 lengths of a 20m pool.

Remember, always warm up before exercising. Check out our stretching videos in the blog section.

In the pool

If you are a Mo Farah in the pool aim to cross the finishing line in one or two visits. If not, swim it in mile markers. Below are the first 13 miles of the London Marathon. Swim each mile in one or two visits if you can.

Don’t forget, every swim counts towards your goal, however small. Just log swims to reach it. When you have finished, set it again and complete a full marathon.

  1. Shooters Hill Road (1624m)
  2. Maryon Wilson Park (1624m)
  3. Woolwich Ferry (1624m)
  4. Woolwich Road (1624m)
  5. Greenwich (1624m)
  6. Trafalgar Road (1624m)
  7. Deptford Creek (1624m)
  8. Deptford Park (1624m)
  9. Rotherhithe (1624m)
  10. Surrey Docks Farm (1624m)
  11. Rotherhithe Train Station (1624m)
  12. HMS Belfast (1624m)
  13. Tower Bridge (1637m)