Par Five - a Just Swim App goal

Join your friends in the pool. Download the Just Swim app and take on the Par Five goal. It’s a good mid-level challenge for swimming newbies. Swim the 500m length of an average five par golf course.

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About the goal

If you are getting into the swing of swimming, the 500m average distance of a Par Five should be par for the course. Even if it seems like a fair way to swim, you can always split it up into a number of visits to the pool.

Remember, always warm up before exercising. Check out our stretching videos in the blog section.

In the pool

Aim for a Par Five hole in one if you can. If not set that as your target before moving on to the next challenge. Remember, every swim counts towards your goal, however small. Just log swims to reach it. So which one are you?

  1. Hole in one. Do all the swims in one visit with no breaks.
  2. Eagle. Two swims of 250m with breaks. Swim in one or two visits.
  3. Birdie. Five swims of 100m with breaks. Swim in one or two visits.
  4. Par. However you feel is comfortable.