Sweet Treat - a Just Swim App goal

Join your friends in the pool. Download the Just Swim app and burn off those indulgent moments. Gently swim off 300 kCals with the Just Swim Sweet Treat goal.

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About the goal

This goal is to burn off 300 kCal or that moment of indulgence after lunch. It is the same as a slice of apple pie, a bowl of trifle or the warming embrace of a sticky toffee pudding.

Remember, always warm up before exercising. Check out our stretching videos in the blog section.

In the pool

300 kCal is just over 25 minutes of average breaststroke swimming. How you do those 25 minutes is up to you but we recommend doing it in one visit with no breaks.

If your Sweet Treat was over 300 kCal, then simply log your swims until you reach your own calorie goal. The Just Swim app keeps a running tally of calories burned. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Chocolate Cake (one slice) – 370 kCal or 30 minutes of average swimming
  2. Ice Cream (one scoop) – 207 kCal or 17 minutes average swimming.
  3. Cheesecake (one slice) – 271 kCal or 22 minutes of average swimming.