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SE London Summer Championships 2023

Competitive Swimming


Saturday 22 April 2023
Sunday 23 April 2023
K2 Leisure Centre, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley RH11 9BQ (1LR)
Saturday 29 April 2023
Sunday 30 April 2023
Monday 1 May 2023
London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London E20 2AQ (1LR)

Useful Contacts

  • The Meet Manager for this event is Alan Thurlow (contact)
  • The Promoter for this event is Nick Hallam (contact).
  • The Lead Referee for this event is Hannah Davies (contact).

Updating Relay Names

We attach a guide at this link that explains how you make changes to your relay names and swimming order in the portal.  You will have already entered your teams and probably most of your swimmer names in your original entry file.  These will be visible in the portal when you follow this guide.

You will not need to submit an updated entry file.  We will download the names that are in the portal on the Friday before each weekend at midday.  Please do not make any changes after this time as they will not be included in the meet.  After midday on Friday, you can make changes directly with Alan Thurlow in the Timing suite at any time up to the closing time for withdrawals of the relevant session.

Please ensure that you have added the names of any potential swimmers into the portal.  You can enter up to 8 per relay team. Adding names directly into HyTek is time consuming and could delay the start of the session.

Please contact Alan Thurlow if you have any questions.

Accepted and Rejected Entries

Rejected entries can be found at this link. The Coaches Forum set the maximum number of swimmers per age group per event.  This is shown in the table below:

Distance11/12 Years13 Years14 Years15 Years16 Years17 Years18/Over

This criteria was then applied to the entries in ranked time order having already accepted any entries that met the Qualifying Time.  There were two events where qualifying entries in a specific age group exceeded the maximum limit.  All those entries have been accepted.  This will maintain a minimum standard for entry into each event.

An accepted entry list by club is now available in the meet documents below.

Meet Programmes and Results

Saturday 22 April 2023Saturday 22 April 2023
Sunday 23 April 2023Sunday 23 April 2023
Saturday 29 April 2023Saturday 29 April 2023
Sunday 30 April 2023Sunday 30 April 2023
Monday 1 May 2023Monday 1 May 2023

The 400m events are all HDW in accordance with the Promoter’s Conditions paragraph 10.1 and awards will be made by age group from the results in the heats in accordance with paragraph 14.1.  Additionally, in accordance with paragraph 10.2 and for each of the 400m events, there will be a single open final for the fastest 8 swimmers from the heats.  This will be swum in the Finals session.

Meet Tables

Both the tables reflect the combined results of Boys and Girls.

Key Meet Information

  1. A swimmer’s age shall be determined as at midnight on 31 December 2023.
  2. The closing deadline for entries and full payment is 12 April 2023. 
  3. ALL entries must be submitted electronically using the Online Club Entry Form or the Online Individual Entry Form using ranking times gained from Level 1 to 3 meets since 13 April 2022.
  4. The meet will be run by event with all age groups swimming together.
  5. There will be a Qualifying Time and a Consideration Time for entry into this competition.  The achievement of the Qualifying Time will guarantee entry into the competition subject to the Promoter’s Conditions. The achievement of the Consideration Time will make the swimmer eligible for consideration as an entry into the competition subject to the Promoter’s Conditions. The achievement of the Consideration Time does not guarantee entry into the competition. Consideration entries will be managed to achieve an optimal number of competitors for the meet.
  6. This meet will be run using Hy-Tek Meet Manager software. Entry files from compatible team management software (e.g. Swim Manager or Team Unify) will be accepted.  SportSystems Entry Files are not compatible with our online systems and cannot be accepted.
  7. Competitors (or their representatives) who are not intending to/who are unable to swim in Heats or in “Heat Declared Winner” events must notify the Meet Manager of the competitor’s name and the number of the event from which they wish to withdraw electronically by email before midday on the Friday before each weekend, or in person by completing a withdrawal form at the table on poolside no later than 50 minutes before the start time of the first event of each session.  Please assist the Meet Manager by submitting timely withdrawals to ensure that the sessions run to an optimal schedule with no empty lanes.
  8. An announcement will be made of the finalists and 2 reserves for each event as the meet progresses.  The announcement will include a time by which finalists and reserves can withdraw from a final.  A fine will be levied on the club under whose name the swimmer is entered if a swimmer does not withdraw from a final in time by completing the withdrawal form at the Withdrawals table and does not swim.

Para Swimmers – Competition & Entry

Specific events within the SE London Summer Championships have been designated as Multi Classification events. Please see the Meet Conditions for details.

Para Swimming entries must be submitted electronically using the On-Line Individual Entry form (see below). It is imperative that Competition Secretaries and Coaches check the published Accepted Entries Reports to ensure that their Para Swimmers have had their Classification recorded correctly.

Access to Poolside

A poolside pass is required for access to the pool area.

Coaches, Team Managers and Chaperones must apply for a pass through the Swim England National Poolside Pass system which can be accessed here –

A pass costs £10 for the K2 weekend and £15 for the LAC weekend – you will need to have the appropriate qualifications and safeguarding checks in place to cover the whole period for which you have applied.

Your pass must be downloaded by the individual before attending the meet.  Pouches and lanyards will be provided at the entrance desk.

If you are Coaching using a L2 Teacher qualification, AND ONLY IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES – you will need to apply for your weekend pass using the following forms.  Swim England London will bill your club for your application:

Coaches may purchase food ahead of the Championships at £20 per day by completing the form at this link (now closed).

All Field of Play Volunteers (including VIPs and SE Staff)  must apply for a poolside pass using the form below.

Technical Officials must wear their licence to gain access to poolside.

Spectator Entry Fees

Entry to spectate the meet will cost £10.00 per day (regardless of arrival/departure time) for all adults (16 years old and over).  Entry to spectate the meet shall be free-of-charge for all children (15 years old and younger).

Tickets for both adults and children need to be pre-purchased before the start of the gala by using this following links:



No tickets will be available on the door under any circumstances.

There will be no printed programme available for this meet – we encourage all attendees to download and print the online programme at home prior to your arrival.

Start Lists and Results

Live start lists and results will be provided during the meet in the HyTek Meet Mobile app.  The app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google app stores.

The schedule of events is now available in the HyTek Meet Mobile app.


We would love to see your messages of support and congratulations along with your team/swimmer photos too. Please tag us when posting on Twitter (@LondonSwimming) and use the hashtag #2023LondonSummers. Thanks.

Officials and Field of Play Volunteers

Technical Officials may register their willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.

Field of Play volunteers may register your willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.

We are very grateful for any offer of assistance.

Meet Entries

We have updated our on-line meet entry system to allow individual entries to be made for Masters and Para Swimmers.

The portal looks different but it operates the same way for Club competition secretaries in allowing you to upload your meet entry file in either an SD3 or HY3 file format.  The confirmation of what we have processed is now displayed for you on line so you will not be getting a separate email from our Meet Admin to confirm what we have received.  You can also delete an existing entry file and upload a new one if you have made changes before the closing date.  You can also withdraw a swimmer from a specific event.

Any Masters or Para Swimmer making an individual entry should use this online form too by selecting the “Individual Entry” option.  Para swimmers will be asked to enter their classification.  Clubs should also use this option to enter Para Swimmers.

Meet Documents