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Just Swim Challenge 30

Test yourself against the clock! How far will you swim?

Compare results to those in your age group across the UK!

This event is currently closed for any further submissions.

If you choose to try the Just Swim Challenge 30 in open water you need to be aware of a few things:

  • You must only use safe open water venues and always have a swim buddy with you.
  • You can choose whether to wear a wetsuit or not (please see here for further advice on wearing a wetsuit).
  • To make sure you don’t have an unfair advantage you can only swim in ‘still’ water. (we may check your location to make sure you haven’t used a tide or flow on a river).
  • You must provide evidence to prove the distance you have swam and we may ask for more evidence if this is unclear.

If you choose to try the Just Swim Challenge 30 in a pool then you need to be aware of a few things:

  • Try not to follow a person’s toes (you need to try and swim your own distance rather than someone else’s).
  • You must provide evidence to prove the distance you have swam and we may ask for more evidence if this is unclear.
  • You must use a 25m pool or over (if your pool is in yards we will convert into yards here).
  • We understand you may complete your swim in a public session. Please ensure you do your best but respect other swimmers rights to swim in the lane.
  • You may approach your local pool to see if they will help you complete your 30 minutes swim. It is a good event for pool management to promote their facilities.

Expand iconI’m in, how does it work?

Challenge yourself!

Test yourself against the clock and see how far you can swim in 30 minutes.

Grab your friends or your family and also enter as a team. Form a team of four, either all women, all men or mixed (2 men and 2 women). Each person will need to enter their individual result (so you don’t have to do it all on the same day and time, but it might be fun to try) and then one of you will need to enter the 4 of you as a team.

Old school vs New school

You must be able to prove how far you have swam in 30 minutes and then enter your distance on the entry system. You can provide evidence of the distance you have swam in two ways either by lap counting or by wearable technology.

  1. OLD SCHOOL – Lap counting method: you will need to find a reliable adult who can count your lengths for you and is willing to sign to say your result is accurate. The responsible person must ensure they accurately time 30 minutes and measure your distance rounded down to the nearest 5 metres.
  2. You can find the “Lap Counting” form here.

  3. NEW SCHOOL – Wearable technology: you will need to ensure you swim for exactly 30mins or less but you cannot use the result if you go over 30 minutes. We suggest you set a 30 minute timer on your watch to ensure you know when the time has elapsed. Upon entering, you must screenshot your distance along with time swam and upload as a photo with your entry. (Please be aware we make a random sample of results to ensure people are completing the lap counting accurately.)

Individual results

Individual results will be collated for both male and females in 5 year age bands from 18 years upwards:

18 – 24 years25 – 29 years30 – 34 years
35 – 39 years40 – 44 years45 – 49 years
50 – 54 years55 – 59 years60 – 64 years
65 – 69 years70 – 74 years75 – 79 years
80 – 84 years85 – 89 years90 – 94 years
95 – 99 years

Team results

Team results will be collated into male, female and mixed (2 men and 2 women). Your team’s ages will be added together and will fit into one of the following age groups:

72 – 99 years100 – 119 years120 – 159 years
160 – 199 years200 – 239 years240 – 279 years
280 – 319 years

Everyone’s individual distance will be added together to achieve your team result but to make it fair please ensure each individual is only entered into a maximum of two teams. This can be either a male or female team and, a mixed team.

The results will not be separated out into open water and pool swimming therefore you can enter in both the pool and open water if you would like to.

If you achieve a top three individual male or female finish for your age group, or in the top three teams for your age group, you will receive a Swim England medal to celebrate your success. Everyone else will receive a commemorative certificate to celebrate their result.

Expand iconRewards

If you place in the top three of your age group individually or with your team, you will receive a medal! Everyone will receive a commemorative certificate!

FitnessHealth and Wellbeing

This is a great way to challenge yourself whilst keeping fit and active! See our training and nutritional advice.

Having funHaving fun

If you are having an awesome time taking part in this challenge, tell us via our social media using hashtag #JustSwimChallenge30. You can also join your local club by clicking here!

Expand iconPast Results

Want an idea of how fast some people have swum in previous years?

Check out PDF results from the Just Swim Challenge 30 – or T30 Challenge as it was known – in the folder below. You can view results from as far back as 2009 on our library pages.

Results Archive

Fair play

This competition is based on trust. Challenge yourself to swim your own best and have fun along the way measuring yourself against others. Be honest and enter the true distance that you have achieved. We will endeavour to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the results, but we cannot be held responsible if people fail to enter appropriately. Any issues not covered above will be decided by the independent event director.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact nationalevents@swimming.org